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Episode 10 Round 3: Burgers with Eliana & Cannon

This episode of Superchef Kids is out of this world when Cannon and Eliana take their turn competing to see who can craft the best themed burger in less than 20 minutes. The theme? Outer space! Cannon has one whisk on his apron and has been perfecting his hamburger building skills at home, but Eliana also has one whisk and a go-to spice combo that never fails. Whoever wins this round will have the edge in making it to the semifinals. Judges Chef Besh and Chef Sanchez, plus special guest grilling expert Elizabeth Karmel, rate each competitor based on taste, presentation and cleanliness.

Both contestants get creative with the fun space theme. Cannon’s alien burger is playful and the young chef keeps a green color scheme by using cilantro and green onion in his recipe. Eliana’s planet burger explores the different planets of our solar system with onion rings for Saturn and fresh lettuce for Earth’s green continents.

Eliana admits she’s gotten to know Cannon during this competition and he’s nice, but is he too nice to beat? And when Cannon realizes that Eliana’s final result looks really good, will the competition be too much to handle?


Episode 7 Round 2: Rapidfire Skills Challenge – Crostini with Nico and Eliana

Consistency is key in mastering different skills to become a great chef. Confident Nico already has one golden whisk and Eliana is determined to stay in the running. This challenge is not only about the flavor, but the appearance of the crostini as well. The kids have to peel dozens of edamame, mix a topping and use a piping bag to top their six perfect crostini in just ten minutes. Will Nico add a second whisk to his apron? Or will Eliana continue to the semifinals? Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef John Besh will be the judges of that.


Episode 4 Round 1: Rapidfire Tasting Challenge – Salsa Verde with Josie & Eliana

We meet contestants Josie and Eliana in this challenge, which tests the competitors’ precision and accuracy in determining a dish’s flavor profile based on taste alone. Both contestants are given all eight ingredients for Chef Aaron Sanchez’s salsa verde, a versatile condiment inspired by Argentinean chimichurri sauce. But they must carefully taste Chef Sanchez’s version in order to determine the right amount of each ingredient goes into the final dish.

The judges will try each sauce and determine which is closest to Chef Sanchez’s original in taste and texture and whoever proves that they have a supreme sense of flavor wins a golden whisk.


Get to Know Superchef Kids’ Contestants!

We’re only a few days away from the first round of Superchef Kids! Bounty went behind the scenes to better get to know the contestants. If Cannon had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of his life, which would he pick? If Alessandra had her own show, what would it be called? What’s the messiest dish Gabe’s ever eaten? What is Eliana besides a chef? What’s Nico’s favorite messy meal? What does Jake like to do when he’s not cooking? What’s Josie’s favorite messy meal? Is Petra afraid to make a mess while cooking? Find out!